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Play where the pros do at United Team’s Disney Cup tournament this July 11-20 in Orlando, Florida, USA! The Disney Cup offers male and female football players ages 9 to 19 a unique experience to train with elite coaches and other driven players from unique backgrounds on the same ground that professional football teams do. Both English Premier League and Major League Soccer teams have either competed or trained in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex facilities. Additionally, the Disney Cup offers players more fun with accommodations in a Walt Disney World® hotel and access to the Walt Disney World® theme parks.

Over 20 international teams compete in the sought-after Disney Cup tournament, with teams hailing from places such as Brazil, Haiti, Malaysia, Great Britain, Mexico, and the United States. Each team who enters the tournament will play a minimum of four games before entering elimination rounds.

The Disney Cup is put on by ESPN World Wide of Sports, and has been since 1999 when it was created. The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex hosts over 300 events per year, and is the top multi-sport venue for both amateur and professional sports in the United States. The complex hosts 60 different sports with athletes hailing from over 70 different countries. The facility totals 220 acres, complete with fieldhouses, a ballpark, multiple grass fields, an Innovation Lab for testing new technology, and high-definition cameras covering all event spaces in the complex, and much more!

The United Team will be attending this tournament with two teams, one U16 and one U19 team. Attending the Disney Cup tournament will improve players’ football technique and teamwork, but will also be an opportunity to be noticed by university football coaches. Lastly, given NARU Academy’s emphasis on bringing people around football, participating in this international tournament will increase cultural awareness and pose an opportunity to make lifelong friends.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity and to participate in the adventures that await, please visit the NARU Academy website, and navigate to the Tournaments section.


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Sports camps are very popular for many different sports, places, and times of the year. Regardless of what sport you play, a camp could be the right option for you! Camps can help you improve your play, while also giving plenty of opportunities for personal growth off the field. A sports camp can be a fantastic experience that can be remembered for an entire lifetime! Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Sports Camp:

1. Improve your skills
Almost nothing can help you learn new skills and develop your game faster than a sports camp! Improvements can be made very quickly because there are so many opportunities for campers to try out newly learned skills and techniques. Players typically participate in practices, scrimmages, games, and drills; all of which can be used to make improvements!

2. Gain Confidence
Participating in a sports camp can help boost confidence both on and off the field. Whether its learning a new technique, meeting a new friend, or traveling to a new place, sports camps are an invaluable experience that will leave you feeling accomplished and empowered.

3. Stay Healthy
Nobody ever said sports camps were easy! Many camps have long days filled with many hours of workouts, practices, and games that will leave you exhausted at the end of the night. The exhaustion is great however, because it means you are pushing your body to its limit and getting in better shape. Who ever complained about being in shape anyway?!

4. International Experience
Whether or not you attend a camp in your own country, or travel to a new place, you will surely have some kind of international experience. Many camps offer unique and advantageous cultural programs and tours that can enhance your camping experience. Even if the camp is in a familiar place, international players and coaches are very common, and many people travel to new places to attend camps. Meeting and playing against international players is very valuable because you will certainly learn something new that you didn’t know before!

5. Make New Friends
One important part of sports camps that can’t be left out is making new friends. Camps are the perfect place to meet new people because everybody shares some of the same interests. The relationships that can be formed with fellow campers, coaches, or staff can last a lifetime and are an incredibly important part of the sports camp experience!