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Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, but also a big deal.

That is why selecting the right international football camp for you or your child is important. When deciding on a camp, there are several factors that must be taken into account:


  • Location! Deciding where you want to train is a crucial decision. Do you want to play in Europe? What seems exciting about that city or region where the camp is located? Will the participant gain a cultural experience in addition to their athletic one.


  • Camp should be fun. Additionally, the environment should foster positivity, while also challenging the athlete. The environment should push the athlete to improve their abilities and build upon their skills, but also be enjoyable and engaging.


  • Coaching. This a vital aspect, as the quality of coaching determines the quality of experience for the athlete. Do the coaches have a large amount of experience? Have previous players spoken highly about the level of coaching? Coaches should be well-versed on the latest technology and methodologies.


  • College Exposure. If appropriate for the age of the athlete, there should be an opportunity to obtain exposure. The camp should provide the resources to participants so that they have the chance to showcase their ability to college coaches and scouts at the next level.


NARU Academy seeks to provide a first-class camp experience by focusing on all of these aspects.